Select online classes PLUS community and career building options …and blend them your way.

Choose your online degree program, PLUS mix in your choice of for-credit, enrichment experiences that apply toward graduation. Enjoy the convenience of academically-rich online classes, plus experience the enriching adventure of optional community learning experiences that count!


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Work on your online degree at your convenience, PLUS choose your for-credit adventure:

  • Intern with companies and agencies local to you or with start-up companies at the OCU Business Innovation Center in Circleville
  • Study in Italy with Saints Bible Institute
  • Complete a biblical intensive program with Summit Ministries in Colorado
  • Blend-in traditional courses and experience campus living at OCU’s Circleville Campus
  • Intern with Operation Mobilization in the US and abroad
  • Attend summer academic camps on campus in Circleville


Students, the option is yours

“Option” is the keyword. While we do encourage the enrichment experiences, they are still 100% optional. It is not required that you add to or supplement your online program with the plus experiences. They are available for you to take advantage of if you desire.


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Exit traditional high school, virtual high school, or homeschool with a plan of action made your way.

This program is perfectly suited for a student graduating from traditional high school, virtual high school, or a homeschool program. The OCUOnline Plus program offers both the flexibility of online courses you might desire plus the chance to sharpen your skills in preparation for your future career or for that next step of graduate school or law school. Broaden your career opportunities with real-world collaborative and community experiences, all which count toward college program credits and are valued by employers.


Why Plus?

Employers seek candidates with:

  • previously demonstrated skills that enhance the workplace.
  • experience in team-functional communications.
  • internship experience in out-of-class environments.
  • experience functioning in established workplace communities.
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Parents know:

  • real-world community experience can add credibility to a degree.
  • online students will benefit from face-to-face on-the-job internship opportunities.
  • opportunities to interact with professionals, professors, and other learners will have a powerful, intangible impact on success.
  • options, rather than mandates, can increase student motivation and meet individualized needs.
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Stand Out

Stand out from the online-only degree crowd and enhance your education
with valuable credit-bearing experiences!

Experience More

Pursue character growth, collaboration skills, leadership, and work-ethic development that will help set you apart as you pursue your career, graduate school, or law school.

Reinforce Values

Deliberately surround yourself with a faith-centered community of like-minded, positive influences as you make the most exciting years of your life count toward your goals and dreams.

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